Garcinia Cambogia 60 HCA

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Nature has proved to be the solutions to almost all health and fitness related problems. The most common health problems facing people from all over the world are associated with poor weight management. Talk of heart disease, hypertension, cancer and diabetes mellitus; these dreaded diseases are complications of obesity and overweight.

Doctors and health experts today have consensus that natural approach to weight loss is the healthy, reliable and effective. Among the many natural products in the market that can help in weight management, pure garcinia cambogia extract. This supplement has been referred to by scientists are the miracle weight loss plant.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

naturalgarciniacambogiaThis is a pure natural supplement extracted or derived from the rinds of a small pumpkin like fruit of the Garcinia cambogia plant (also known as tamarind). This plant is native to South East Asia and certain parts of India. In fact, the fruit has been used since antiquity by the Indians and the Asians in the treatment of many health problems.

This supplement has several powerful and active natural ingredients that have been proved to mediate its beneficial effects in weight loss and fitness. However, the well studied of these ingredients is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This ingredient is the most important and the one that mediates weight loss. Unlike the other natural products, pure garcinia cambogia extract contain no fillers or chemical vehicles.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

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The main target of HCA is fat burning. Studies indicate that this ingredient blocks fat synthesis by inhibiting an enzyme referred to as citrate lyase. This enzyme is needed by your body to synthesize fat from carbohydrates. The main cause of obesity and overweight is increased caloric intake, especially of high calorie diets composed mainly of carbohydrates.

Usually, any excess carbohydrates you take are converted into fat and stored in various parts of the body including under the skin, the belly, the butts and the thighs as well as the inner walls of blood vessels. The inhibition of fat synthesis from carbohydrate not only prevents fat accumulation in the body but also promotes the burning of already present in various parts of the body.

Other effects include appetite suppression, increases the synthesis and secretion of serotonin (has direct effect on elimination of belly fat) and manages hunger thereby reducing caloric intake (by as much as 25 percent). Pure garcinia cambogia is perfect for those with obesity and overweight due to emotional eating because of its effects of increasing blood serotonin levels.

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The Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia with 60 HCA

There are several benefits associated with taking this supplement. If you take the supplement as recommended, you stand a chance of ripping the following benefits:

§ Faster and healthier weight loss especially if coupled with mild to moderate exercise

§ This supplement is 100% safe since it is formulated only with pure natural ingredients and it features no fillers, chemical or artificial ingredients.

§ Pure garcinia cambogia extract is manufactured by an FDA registered and cGMP certified factory.

§ Besides losing weight, you will achieve a gorgeous, sexy body shape with well cutout curves and stronger muscles.